5 BDRS | 7 BTHS | 2-LVL | HOME | 6,800 ft²

Downstairs Family Room

This room's luxurious style combined with its unique architectural design allows for the most amazing panoramic ocean and sky views. Enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery through a double set of panel thermo-pane glass sliding doors that open all the way to the side, both in the oceanfront, and the south wall to make a seamless room with the outdoor dining area. Its open layout works in tandem with the mezzanine’s open ceiling to provide amazing sky views, especially on a moonless night or through a beautiful sunset.

In the center you cannot miss the floor-to-ceiling white marble gas fireplace with custom carvings, this family room also features electric shades, surround sound speaker system powered by a Rotel 1,000 amp, pool room with a Connelly Billiard's pool table, and a full-service bar room.

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Family Room
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Upstairs Family Room

This room is very bright and welcoming, it enjoys gorgeous panoramic ocean views through its engineered glass panes with reinforced stanchions. The top of the mezzanine is lined by custom iron railings that overlook the family room downstairs. In the center, you will find an elegant floor-to-ceiling hand-carved dark brown marble gas fireplace.

The grand staircase features solid marble slabs, an oversized landing, custom iron railings, and a magnificent 13' x 8' custom stained-glass window topped with a dome ceiling with stained glass, and a James Moder 3-tier crystal chandelier in the staircase.

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